Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) Rumors, Spoilers: Luke Skywalker’s Epic Force Moment Crushes Star Destroyer

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It has been about 10 months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released to the world. Naturally, Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors, spoilers, and theories abound. Across social media platforms, fans of the franchise have presented numerous ideas as to what will happen in the next film. Arguably the most interesting, however, is Luke Skywalker’s role in the upcoming movies.

As far as we have seen, the protagonist of the original trilogy was more or less in a position of minimal participation in the last installment. Luke Skywalker was shown to be alive, but it was a sort of vague reconnection with an otherwise important character.

Granted, it could be argued that the new film should not really be about Luke. Anyway, fans could not help but speculate that he will do something greater in the following films.

Among the many Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors and spoilers, an interesting one comes from YouTuber Mike Zeroh. In his video, he outlined the possibilities of an upcoming scene featuring Luke Skywalker using the force to obliterate a Star Destroyer.

He based his theory upon an article he once read wherein Mark Hamill (the actor for Luke) divulged details about a certain shoot. He said that there was moment in filming wherein Hamill just stands still as he lets the CGI and FX team do their thing. Hamill, as Luke, was supposedly standing somewhere on a planet full of water.

Zeroh then theorized that this planet is none other than Ahch-To, which makes sense as it is covered mostly in water. “Standing still” could mean Luke is using The Force (which would explain the CGI and effects). Mike Zeroh got the inspiration for the Star Destroyer theory from a scene in an issue of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, wherein Starkiller brings down the said ship using The Force.

It is a plausible theory, one that nicely ties a couple of Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors together. One is the shoot described above, and the other is the replication of an updated Star Destroyer to be used in the future films. However, keep in mind that these possible spoilers are still rooted in rumors and speculation. So while it is fun to entertain them, it is still too early to take them as canon.

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