‘Wolverine 3’: Professor X’s Weakened State in New Photo

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Hugh Jackman dons the adamantium claws one last time for Wolverine 3. A new photo gives everyone a sneak peek into what Professor X looks like and it is not pretty.

As told by CinemaBlend, director James Mangold tweeted a close-up photo of Patrick Stewart as Professor X/Charles Xavier and it shows the psychic having grown old and weary. Some plot details are still under wraps but what is known about Professor X in Wolverine 3 is that he is in one word: unstable. Professor X’s powers are not as great as it once was. The same could be said for Wolverine himself as plot details revealed that he has turned to alcohol to ease the pain as he no longer heals as fast as he used to.

According to /Film, Professor X may not only be weakening, he may even be going blind as the photo might suggest. Professor X’s weakening state might not be of much help to Logan at all in the year 2024. But it does raise suspicion on whether or not Hugh Jackman would be the only one to bow out of the X-Men franchise, a franchise he has been part of since it started in 2000. Should Patrick Stewart be bowing out after this movie as well, the franchise would still make it in the hands of James McAvoy, who plays the younger Charles Xavier.

Apart from Professor X’s weakening mind and body, other details that are known to be in Wolverine 3 is that Essex Corp. is in it as is the company’s owner, Dr. Nathaniel Essex a.k.a Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister is confirmed to be the main antagonist in the movie and is one of the biggest villains in the X-Men universe as well. Rumors are also circulating that this would also mean the big screen debut of the female Wolverine Laura Kinney a.k.a X-23.

Wolverine 3, titled Logan premieres on March 3, 2017. It also stars Richard E. Grant, Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook and Elizabeth Rodriguez.

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