Daniel Craig ‘James Bond’ Contract Could Be Renewed; Actor Hints Future ‘007’ Films

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Daniel Craig once famously said in an interview that he would rather break a glass and slit his wrists than create another James Bond movie. Well, it seems that the actor will have to retract his words. He recently hinted that starring in another 007 film is okay with him. Daniel Craig James Bond contract could have been actually renewed.

The interview in question, published by Time Out London, saw Craig promoting the 2015 James Bond film, Spectre. In it, he said the rather quotable line, along with statements implying that he was tired and “done” and all he could do is “move on.”

He did express it in a way that implies that he has not given it immediate thought. They have just finished filming Spectre at the time, and perhaps Daniel Craig James Bond contract was the last thing on his mind. As a matter of fact, the actor stated that if he would agree to do another Bond movie, it would only be “for the money.”

However, a recent report from TIME has Craig saying that he would “miss” the franchise terribly. The actor was actually visiting the New Yorker Festival, answering questions about his current projects. That is, until the topic went to the possibilities of future Bond films.

This was when he admitted that he genuinely thinks he has got “the best job in the world.” He added that he is open to any Bond projects in the future.

Daniel Craig James Bond contract spawned 2012’s Skyfall, which broke box office records at the time it was released. This tradition of record-breaking continued with 2015’s Spectre.

The next Bond film is yet to be announced, and whether if it is going to be played by Daniel Craig or not remains to be seen. However, for future actors who would try and step in Bond’s shoes, Craig has basically one simple advice: “Make it better.”

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