Donald Trump Dismisses Sexual Assault Allegations as `Locker Room Talk’

Donald Trump, sexual assault
Donald Trump recently claimed that hi lewd language and sexual assault against women were only locker room banter.

When US Presidential contender Donald Trump parried allegations of sexual assault against women as locker room banter, some NBA players took offense.

Active and inactive NBA players, known to spend a great amount of time with coaches and team mates in locker rooms, decried the use of the phrase.

By now, the public-at-large has noted that Trump is inclined not only to circumvent what is politically correct, but also to show lewd tendencies. Some NBA players would have none of the “locker room” reference, NBC Sports reported.

Dahntay Lavall Jones, who has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, tweeted that claiming Trump’s comments as “locker room banter” suggests that they are in some way acceptable, but “they aren’t.”

Younger NBA player Christian James McCollum, who recently signed another contract with the Portland Trail Blazers, said he has not heard about the Trump braggadocio in any locker room. NBA veteran Kendall Marshall refuted that making sexual assault on women without their consent is `locker room talk.’

The US Presidential contenders were asked, during the recent town hall debate in St. Louis, whether they were modelling positive and appropriate behavior for today’s youth.

Donald Trump countered that he was misunderstood, and reiterated that it was “locker room talk” and that he was not proud of it. He then lapsed into a short discourse about the carnage happening around the world. In reference to the 2005 leaked tape that recorded Trump uttering coarse language, Trump was asked whether or not he has groped or kissed women without their consent. He replied that he has “great respect for women,” Slate reported.

As the US Presidential race heats up, the two opposing camps have dug up dirt and embarked on media offensive attacks. Trump himself has been unstoppable in hurling unsavory remarks about certain people, which is just how politics works in the US and some other parts of the world.

To date, among those who have stood up to the tauntings of Donald Trump is former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who recalled being body shamed by Trump years ago, leaving her emotionally scarred. Hillary Clinton said it is not just the sexual assault of women that underscored that Trump was not fit to be President.


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