EXO D.O. Could Be Leaving K-Pop Group; It Will Cause Panic Among Fans

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It is not uncommon to see band members leaving their respective groups to pursue greener pastures. But in the case of EXO D.O. leaving, the reasons for the highly successful K-pop group seem to be much vaguer and all too sudden.

While not entirely confirmed, the rumors of the member leaving seem to hold some truth to it. D.O. (also known as Do Kyung So) appears to be uninterested in music, as many fans claim, and is more interested in acting. However, there is a more compelling reason why fans seem to think that the rumors of EXO D.O. leaving is not really far from what is possible.

In a report by International Business Times, they stated that the rumors started spreading when D.O. did not return to South Korea with the rest of EXO after they finished their concert in Japan. Instead, D.O. stayed in the country even after October 5, the date which their performance wrapped up in Fukuoka.

Furthermore, they add that D.O. seems to have developed an aversion to the K-Pop “idol” lifestyle. A fan was quoted as saying that D.O. “does not want to get skin care” like many idols do, even going so far as to say that being an idol “is not worth it.” D.O. also apparently stated that he did not want material gifts from fans any more, and asked them instead to “continue supporting him with their love.”

SM Entertainment, the company of the group, has yet to make their statement regarding EXO D.O. leaving. What the company did, however, is pose legal threats against those who would severely commit breaches of privacy against the artists they manage, International Business Times reported. Not only does it harm the groups’ and the company’s overall image, they stated that these breaches cause serious psychological harm to the artists involved.

EXO was formed in 2011 by SM Entertainment. Since then, it has been recognized as one of the biggest K-pop groups not only in South Korea, but internationally as well.

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