‘Logan’ Movie Spoilers: Boyd Holbrook is Donald Pierce, Sienna Novikov to Play X-23

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It looks like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is going to face quite a few villains in Logan as Boyd Holbrook is revealed to be playing Donald Pierce. Sienna Novikov is confirmed to join the cast as X-23 .

According to CBR.com, the official Instagram account for the movie shared a photo of Holbrook on set with the caption “Pierce,” revealing that the actor is playing one of the longtime enemies of the X-Men, Donald Pierce. Donald Pierce is the head of security for a corporation named Transigen.

In the comics, Donald Pierce has some history with the mutants, being a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. Donald is a cyborg that hates mutants with a passion. A clash with Wolverine resulted in Donald’s robotic limbs being sliced off and Donald was kicked out of the club for conspiring against them. Later on, Donald assembled his own team called the Reavers and often went up against Wolverine and the X-Men while they were in Australia.

Donald Pierce is just one of the villains that Wolverine will be encountering in Logan. Another surprising reveal is the hand of the child as seen in the official poster for Logan, according to TheWrap. The hand of the child is of a mutant girl, whom Wolverine ends up mentoring and has two claws instead of three. The mutant girl is confirmed to be Laura Kinney, a.k.a X-23, and actress Sienna Novikov is confirmed for the role.

Meanwhile, Richard E. Grant is revealed to be playing Dr. Zander Rice, the head of the project responsible for creating Laura in the comics. Dr. Zander Rice attempts to recreate the Weapon X procedure his father Dale Rice started before he was killed by Wolverine all those years ago.

Logan is scheduled to premiere on March 3, 2017. It also stars Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Elise Neal.

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