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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Marriage Proposals and a Navy Ship Murder

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The latest episode of NCIS Season 14 has everything from big marriage proposals to a Navy ship murder. Spoilers suggest that McGee is having some trouble with his proposal while Gibbs, Quinn and Palmer investigate a murder at sea.

In a set of NCIS Season 14 spoilers by BuddyTV, McGee plans on proposing to Delilah. He already has prepared an incredibly nerdy and perfect proposal, according to Bishop. However, the only downside to his proposal is that it only works twice a year. That same proposal could also potentially blind Delilah too.

According to Torres, McGee is going to have a hard time keeping it a surprise from Delilah. As much as McGee wants to be subtle, he is tense and is breaking out into a sweat. Delilah is surely going to notice him being weird. Gibbs’ advice? McGee can either ask her already or stop talking about it.

Either way, McGee’s proposal can become a spectacular one or it could become a disaster. If it goes wrong, McGee cannot recreate it for another few months.

In another set of NCIS Season 14 spoilers by, Gibbs, Quinn and Palmer head out to sea to investigate a death on a Navy ship. They are under some time pressure as the Navy wants the case solved before the ship docks on Norfolk the next day.

The same Navy ship has a full crew on board and 63 civilian tigers. The Navy also wants to keep the murder on the down low, but why? And why are there 63 tigers on board?

Will McGee’s proposal work out? Will Gibbs, Quinn and Palmer be able to solve the case as quickly as possible?

Meanwhile, more NCIS Season 14 spoilers reveal a little bit about Quinn’s past, specifically her old nickname. When Commander Eleonora Rey welcomes them on board the ship, she and Quinn have a little exchange, with Rey saying that she knew an officer named Quinn. Quinn wonders if she has arrested Rey before and Rey only replies that she only remembers what the boys called her.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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