Priyanka Chopra Interview 2016: Sultry `Baywatch’ Star Might Have Made a Faux Pas

Priyanka Chopra Interview 2016
Priyanka Chopra recently received some backlash for a message conveyed by the words in her tee that was described as “insensitive” and “ignorant.”

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra has every many reasons to be happy nowadays. A successful career, special friendships with some of Hollywood’s hottest actors, hosting stints, and more. When she graced the sixth anniversary cover of  Conde Nast Traveller Indian Edition, though, which can well be called the Priyanka Chopra Interview 2016, the message on her top created a backlash.

Emblazoned on her sexy white sleeveless top were the words “Refugee, Immigrant, Outsider, Traveller,” and only “Traveller” was not cancelled out.  It came out as insensitive, in light of the Syrian refugee crisis that has snuffed out lives and made many people suffer.

The words on Chopra’s apparel was deemed “a very inappropriate statement,” iDIVA reported. Yet in that Priyanka Chopra Interview 2016 cover story, Chopra talked not only about her current television series Quantico, and the places she has visited, but also about being apolitical.

The overall message created a stir on Twitter. Indian author Sharanya  Manicannan tweeted, “There are vast differences between those who flee & those who roam free. They didn’t think this through.”  Others noted that refugees did not opt to be what they were.  Many refugees have had to survive an ordeal.

Chopra has been in the spotlight lately owing to her diverse talents — as actress, producer, host, and brand endorser. endless Her recent hosting opportunity at the Emmy Awards with one of  Hollywood hunks Tom Hiddleston was much talked about.

While most other readers may not negatively interpret the overall message on Chopra’s top, since they may focus more on the sultry look of the actress, more discerning ones thought it was somewhat racist. The Bollywood star may clear the matter in the next Priyanka Chopra interview for 2016. In any case, it serves as fitting reminder for popular celebrities to be more mindful of the messages they put forward.

Photo Source: Bollywood Hungama/Wikimedia Commons

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