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‘Scream Queens’ Might Be Canceled; Low Ratings Endangers Show, Glen Powell on Working with John Stamos

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Scream Queens Canceled

Is Scream Queens canceled? The show’s low viewership ratings might threaten us to say goodbye sooner than expected to the Chanels.

The second season of Ryan Murphy’s horror comedy Fox series debuted with lower ratings than anticipated. Ratings have dropped further lower since.

According to reports by Unreality TV, Scream Queens debuted Scream Again with only 2 million views, which is only half compared to the first season’s premiere with 4 million views.

Since then, the ratings continued to dip lower with 1.70 million views of the second episode titled Warts and All.

Looking at the numbers, it might appear to be not that low. But for a non-cable channel rating in the US, it falls on the inferior side.

A few netizens have taken to social media to voice their concerns that Fox might have Scream Queens canceled because of the poor ratings.

However, the executives of Fox has kept mum whether or not the declining ratings will get Scream Queens canceled. But then again, it is still too early too make decisions for the show.

We are still onto the third episode and the funny murder mystery series promises there is more in store for fans that can turnaround the viewership ratings. With an ensemble cast, new additions, creepier location, and the promise of a wilder, darker and bloodier season, the series will make fans grip in their seats for the coming episodes.

Meanwhile, we will be seeing more of Chad Rowell (Glen Powell) in the next episode titled Handidates as he tries to win over Chanel (Emma Roberts) again.

Powell revealed some behind-the-scenes insights to Entertainment Tonight.

He admits that Chad misses Chanel and that that is the reason why he is back. But when he shows up in the hospital, he immediately notices the “spark” between Chanel and Dr. Holt (John Stamos). Powell confessed Chad will “obviously get in the way with that.”

He might just be referring to how he will accuse Dr. Holt as the killer and then make a surprising proposal to Chanel.

The Great Debaters actor also shared what it is like working with John Stamos.

“Stamos is the man,” he proclaims. He says he really likes him and he did not expect the Full House actor to be that cool.

“He’s kind of a little bit of an icon,” he adds.

Catch up on the latest episode of Scream Queens on Fox on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016.

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