‘Star Wars: Episode VIII (8)’ Rumors, Spoilers: Supreme Leader Snoke’s True Identity To Be Revealed

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Star Wars Episode VIII (8) rumors, spoilers

There is no shortage of Star Wars Episode VIII (8) rumors, spoilers, and theories in the community. Of course, it is always interesting to plunge into some of the awesome ideas in detail. This time, we will be looking into one of the biggest questions posed in the Star Wars universe since the beginning: the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke.

It is said that Snoke has been the greatest, biggest bad guy of the Dark Side. He is always there, controlling events as much as he could in the background. Yet for all this relative prominence, we are not really any closer into figuring out his true identity.

However, YouTuber and Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh presented an interesting candidate for being Snoke. In this video, he posited that Kadann, an important figure in the Dark Side, was the Supreme leader himself. He added that he based this idea not only because of the Kadann’s title, but because of Kadann’s personality. The character’s set of beliefs and ideals come into play as well.

As far as Star Wars Episode VIII (8) rumors, spoilers, and theories go, this one makes some sense. Kadann, as Zeroh stated, was a former Jedi knight, but that is not all he is. See, Kadann is also a philosopher and being one led him to question the intricacies and guiding principles of the Jedi code.

Whatever his philosophizing has led him to realize, eventually Kadann believed that there is something wrong with the Jedi code. Events took a turn when he finally decided that both the light and dark side is necessary to be a true master of the Force. This led him to leave the Jedi order and purse the dark side instead.

This can be difficult to prove. That is, until further official material comes out. It certainly is less shocking than the idea that Jar Jar Binks is Supreme Leader Snoke (however convincing that Reddit theory might sound).

As always, we remind readers that these Star Wars Episode VIII (8) rumors, spoilers, and theories are rooted in speculation. Both situations could be awesome in their own way, but we have no way of knowing the truth for sure until the movie’s release.

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