Betty White Death Pronouncement Cause Fans Uproar; RIP Site Requested Taken Down

Betty White Death Cause
Betty White `death cause’ stories resurfaced.

The Golden Girls actress Betty White was recently one of the celebrities who fell victim to death hoaxes that have circulated all over the internet. The Betty White death cause commotion stemmed from an old headline that referred to how the actress “dyes” peacefully in her Los Angeles home.

Links and excerpts referencing the spoof-article from a satirical and entertainment website were circulated through social media, and many readers were duped into thinking it was a genuine news item, snopes.com reported.

Fake news sites have been having a heyday the past several months. Famous celebrities that include Brad Pitt and Sylvester Stallone were among those hit by celebrity death hoax news.  The Betty White death hoax continues to be seen even in leading social media sites, despite such news being confirmed as false. The page pronouncing Betty White dead needs to be taken down, as a Facebook user wrote.

The Emmy Award-winning actress, at 94, has outlived her co-stars in the long-running television series The Golden Girls. Avid fans who were heartbroken with similar news that even cited the Betty White death cause felt relieved to know that their icon continues to live life on her own terms.

White is among the few stars whose joie de vivre has not waned with the passage of the years. A few years ago, she won a Grammy award for best-spoken-word album for If You Ask Me (and of Course You Won’t). On her 93rd birthday last year, animal activist Betty White was happy to get the opportunity to host the series Betty White’s Smartest Animals in America.

When news of the Betty White death cause broke out, many fans all over the world were saddened. Learning that it was false struck a happy chord in their hearts. White had endeared herself to international audiences through her gentle-hearted character Rose on the defunct The Golden Girls series. White is listed in the Guinness World Records as female entertainer with the longest television career.

Photo Source: Alan Light/Wikimedia Commons

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