Dead or Alive, Jaden Smith Is Burning With Authentic Passion; Rapper-Model Makes Voice Heard

Jaden Smith dead or alive
Jaden Smith dead or alive reports circulated recently, but the actor remains unfazed and even reaped a reward.

After the spate of negative publicity pronouncing celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jaden Smith dead or alive have been quashed, it is good to hear about actors who are truly alive with authentic passion.

Leave it to the quietly charismatic son of Suicide Squad actor Will Smith, to quickly get consumers’ attention for something as relevant as eco-friendly packaging and the negative impact of plastic mindlessly thrown into the environment.

For selflessly taking the lead in contributing something to minimize environmental degradation, Smith will be bestowed the Male EMA Futures Award at the EMA Awards on Oct. 22.

It is heartening to see young celebrities on the rise in their chosen careers, while taking action for the environment. Smith, 18, has not only shrugged off the “Jaden Smith dead or alive” reports but is making his voice heard through concrete action. He opted to invest and get involved in the mission of JUST Beverages. The company’s main product line comes in environmentally-friendly packaging that is shaped like a box.

The packaging is made partly from plant-based plastic and a minimal amount of the usual plastic, plus only about 3 percent aluminum. It is priced 99 cents, so it is easy on the wallet and carbon footprint.

Smith echoed JUST top management’s pronouncements that the company is working on increasing the current 80 percent carbon effectiveness of the product vis-a-vis regular plastic water bottles.

Plastic, as environmentally conscious people know, can accumulate in landfill and destroy marine life when carelessly thrown in the surroundings. The young actor said he could not just stand idly doing nothing about a pressing issue.

The actor-musician broke into the Hollywood entertainment scene at a young age via the biographical drama Pursuit of Happyness alongside his father. He has also launched his own apparel and lifestyle brand.

Jaden Smith alive, with a purpose and eager to make a difference in the world is inspiring for many youngsters.  Indeed, It is high time to stay tuned, not to malicious statements like “Jaden Smith dead or alive?” stuff, but to things that can make a difference to the planet.

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