Killer Clown Prank Sightings: Clown Craze Coincides with Stephen King’s ‘It’

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Killer Clown Prank

Halloween is still a few weeks away but citizens are already terrified by the killer clown prank. How does it coincide with the Hollywood release of Stephen King’s It?

The first sightings started in the middle of August in South Carolina where a woman reported to the authorities that her son saw clowns in the woods that are making strange noises. It seemed harmless enough. But little did they know that it is only the start of the killer clown prank.

Since then, more cases popped out of reports from terrorized citizens spotting clown pranksters with most of them targeting universities.

Many have already been victims of the clown craze. One woman even gave premature birth after a 17-year-old boy in a clown costume shocked her.

The craze led to arrests of people who are wearing clown costumes and terrorizing people. Even simply wearing a costume can lead to being handcuffed for terrorizing people, although state laws vary.

It does get scary when these slayer clowns are bringing weapons with them. Recently, a 19-year-old boy was arrested for brandishing a chainsaw in a clown costume. He later on apologized and said he only did it for a Youtube video.

But what drives this clown craze?

The incident feels oddly similar to the plot of It, a horror novel by Stephen King published in 1986. The story surrounds a group of children being terrorized by an eponymous being that appears as a clown.

The adaptation comes to life 30 years after the novel was published.

The sightings coincidentally started a few weeks after the first images of the killer clown played by Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise are unveiled. The movie is yet to come out in less than a year from now yet the clown craze is already much hyped.

However, New Line Cinema denied any involvement with the killer clown prank and refuted claims that the clown craze are part of any promotional for the movie.

Even King wrote on his Twitter “to cool down on the clown hysteria.”

Meanwhile, the public warns that the creepy clown fad is going to get higher while offenders can be arrested for terrorizing citizens.

Photo source: Mandias via Flickr Creative Commons

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