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‘Scream’ MTV Halloween Special Spoilers: Sneak Peek Reveals Island Murder Mystery; ‘Mr. James’ Arrives

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Scream MTV Halloween Special spoilers reveal Brandon James might finally be coming back to Lakewood in the 2-hour episode that will put our questions to rest.

The remaining survivors of Lakewood Six go to an island retreat to get away from Lakewood as Piper’s (Amelia Rose Blair) death anniversary is looming. But instead, they might just be heading to their impending doom.

Scream MTV Halloween Special spoilers pick up eight months after the incident of the ending of Season 2.

While Aubrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) gets into a new relationship, Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) has not move on yet. She is still struggling to focus on her future and to figure out who she really is after the events that unfolded.

On a brighter side, Noah (John Karna) and Stavo (Santiago Secura) are now best-selling authors. The two have combined their intelligence and artistic skills, respectively, to create a graphic novel based on the horror of Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini).

For their next book, the two are going to Shallow Grove Island to do some research on a Lizzy Borden-esque legend who killed her entire family on Halloween. This time, it is Anna Hobbs’ legend they will write about. Noah and Stavo brought the gang along for a weekend getaway that ended not quite as planned in another Scream MTV Halloween Special spoilers.

A combination of the island’s murder legend and Brandon James’ killing spree ensue when a murderer begins butchering people with a pair of hedge clippers on hand.

The group, of course, assumes it is Kieran escaping the jail and following them to avenge his arrest.

Adding to the horror, Ms. Duval (Tracy Middendorf) receives a phone call from a familiar voice that gives us the creeps. This leaves us the question: is he really back?

The last clip might give us the answer.

A man is checking in a motel while the front desk clerk warmly greets the guest, “Welcome to Lakewood, Mr. James.”

More of the murder mystery will finally be unraveled on Oct. 18, 2016 on MTV.

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