Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt News: Perez Hilton Slams Jolie’s Lawyers for Resorting to Aggressive Tactics

Angelina Jolie's lawers slammed

Social media remains abuzz with people’s sentiments following the split of Hollywood’s A-list couple. After lashing out at Brangelina’s legal counsels for resorting to what he described as “aggressive tactics” after he published an article, Perez Hilton had to be appeased.

The controversy stemmed from an Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt news article, written by the American columnist/blogger, that stated that Brad Pitt felt “wrecked” when he was not initially allowed to see his children. Jolie had filed, last Sept. 19 at the Los Angeles, California court, for joint legal custody of the children, with full physical custody of the kids and child visitation for Pitt.

Hilton, known for his juicy tidbits about Hollywood celebrities and hailed for consecutive years by Forbes magazine as leading Web Celeb, became livid with anger after he reportedly received a rude letter demanding that he refrain from coming out with such articles about the split.

Hilton, 38, took the defensive and stated that what he wrote was not “overkill” and he stands by what he wrote. He went livid with anger and took to social media to express his views, even using some cuss words. He also demanded an apology. He added that Jolie’s lawyers made her look bad.

To date, there have been Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt news updates saying that the Maleficent star’s team of lawyers have re-focused on damage control, particularly with Hilton. A new legal team reportedly sent out a letter to people known to be long-time supporters of Angelina Jolie, including Hilton.

On the other hand, there are people in the entertainment industry who have opted not to add to the tension and focus, instead, on the positive side since the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce news broke out. One of them is model-actress Cara Delavingne, who heaped praise on Jolie for her role as UN goodwill ambassador.  The Suicide Squad actress wrote on her Instagram page that she admires a person who is able transform pain into power.

Photo Source: US Department of State via Wikimedia Commons

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