Betty White’s Death Is Not By Natural Causes; Actress Is Alive

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Betty White Death Cause

With the advent of easy sharing with the click of a button, the smallest internet hoax could easily blow off. One such hoax tells of the supposed death of an actress from The Golden Girls. As the hoax spread, more and more people have been searching and asking: what in the world was Betty White’s death cause?

Perhaps hundreds of hoaxes have already surfaced ever since the popularity of Facebook, but this one in particular has a slight hint of humor with it. Supposedly, an article from 2014 with the headline “Actress Betty White, 93, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home.”

As many have probably guessed by now, this one could easily be discerned as suspicious if one examines the headline. The term “dyes peacefully” can be interpreted as Betty White “dyeing” [hair] peacefully somewhere in Los Angeles. But apparently, some people took the word “dyes” as a typo of “dies.” As a result, we got more and more people looking falling for it and asking for Betty White’s death cause.

Still, that is no excuse. The “death” could easily be disproved when one decides to click on the headline and actually read the article. The satire jokingly quips that White is “not really a natural blonde,” and has quotes about how peaceful the actress feels every time she dyes her hair.

But if that is not enough proof, folks at snopes.com have already written about this way back in 2004, updated as recently as October 2016. The fact-checking website stated that the article originated from Empire News, a website that publishes satirical news and articles in the same vein as The Onion. Everything Empire News publishes is fictional with attempts at comedy. For example, there is an article there claiming that a surefire cure for cancer has been discovered (among others).

White, who also got stardom in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Hot in Cleveland, is the subject of at least more than one hoax. However, she is still very much alive as of the time of writing. It is safe to say that curious fans should take a rest from looking for Betty White’s death cause.

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