Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie News: Federal Investigation Into Child Abuse Remains Open

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie News: Federal Investigation Into Child Abuse Remains Open

While reported that a Federal Case is most likely going nowhere, the child abuse allegations against Brad Pitt still remains open. The fact-checking with regards to what happened between him and his kids with Angelina Jolie is still one of the most important aspects of the breakup of the year.

It has long been hinted by most of the media that the Federal Case against Brad Pitt regarding child abuse was going nowhere. Some sources even go as far as to say that there is actually “no case” against the actor.

Indeed, the FBI’s statement is that they are still “gathering facts.” But until enough cause has been proven, they are not sure if they will pursue the case. The FBI did admit that they have not interviewed the members of the family yet. Meanwhile, the Department of Children and Family Services had a “child safety plan” prepared in light of the accusations.

As for the actual state of the couple, it is likely that the two have not been talking since their separation. With the child safety plan in place, Angelina Jolie is not likely to be communicating with Pitt anytime soon. Moreover, the story that Brad Pitt’s kids were taken care of exclusively by Jolie’s brother, James Haven, has been disproved.

Angelina Jolie has her share of problems herself. Perhaps in an attempt to do some damage control, her lawyers apparently sent aggressive letters to minimize the coverage of the Brangelina split as much as possible. However, this backfired when Hollywood reporter Perez Hilton called out Angie’s lawyers for making this attempt at censorship.

Angelina apologized to Hilton, after the latter showed no signs of backing down or altering his stories.

“I did nothing illegal. We stand 100% behind our reporting,” Hilton said in response to the actress’s lawyers.

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