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Elon Musk OpenAI Uses Reddit To Learn Communication Algorithms

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk has been referred to as “the real world’s Tony Stark.” However, most of the man’s contribution to science and tech has been more or less practical and less Ultron-ish (so far). Case in point: he recently let his artificial intelligence company, OpenAI, dive through years and years of Reddit conversations so that it could learn, essentially, how to “speak.”

But first things first: OpenAI is a nonprofit organization that aims to advance our current digital knowledge and use all that intelligence for humanity’s maximum benefit. It is quite the noble cause.

And NVIDIA thinks that the cause is worth it, too. Recently, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered the DGX-1 supercomputer to OpenAI, for whatever use the company might have of it. This mammoth of a supercomputer boasts 170 teraflops of computing power. In layman’s terms, that would be like having 250 conventional servers packed in a neat, portable box.

Its most daunting task, you ask? That would be wading through billions of Reddit posts so that it could learn human speech patterns and incorporate them in its algorithm. Elon Musk and company think that the size would not be a hindrance for this. In fact, the amount of posts Reddit has accumulated through the years may have been the main reason why they chose the platform.

Reddit has communities called “subreddits” based over the world. And while they are under one giant umbrella, subreddits are mostly autonomous and independent of each other. This freedom is what gives each “sub” unparalleled diversity when it comes to content-sharing. The fact that anyone can make a sub also means that the tiers of quality in each board would include horribly poor, downright amazing, and everything in between.

This also means that people from all walks of life have experienced Reddit one way or another. Elon Musk and OpenAI certainly knows what they are doing, as the platform is a perfect way to introduce artificial intelligence to the sheer diversity of our communication patterns and nuances.

Reddit is like an ever-growing organism. The DGX-1, if it would keep its planned pace, will certainly grow with it. Now that is an Ultron-ish prospect.

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