‘The Girl on the Train’ Star Justin Theroux Talks Writing, Acting, and 2016 Presidential Elections

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Justin Theroux Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train star Justin Theroux is quite a success story. He started as an actor, one of the many that dot the mega industry that is Hollywood. But from there, he also tried screenwriting, and he realized that he was pretty good at it.

Yet, no matter how good he thinks he is, he admits that he cannot write a screenplay worthy of the 2016 Presidential elections. He jokingly quipped in a recent interview that it would be “painful, no matter how you slice it.”  This was one of several questions in a light-hearted interview with CBS, which revealed Theroux to be a modest guy.

“I couldn’t write it,” says Theroux of the elections. But as the interview went on, it became apparent that the guy has a love for writing and the entertainment industry in general. He related the challenges of being both a capable actor and a writer. When asked how he felt about changing his character’s lines from a script someone else wrote, The Girl on the Train star Justin Theroux felt hesitant.

He says that he will “think long and hard” before suggesting a change. He adds that his reason is because experience in writing gives him a different perspective. Besides being respectful of the writer, h knows how much work has gone into a script. Of course, he admits that there are also times when the lines could be totally off, and the original writer would as easily admit that it is a “hole” in the script when the actor suggests it.

Another topic they touched on is the quality of TV versus movies. There has been talk that all the good adult dramas are on TV now, and none on the big screen. Theroux simply answered that it really depends on one’s preference of the moment. It could be that someone wants a quick 2-hour drama with a good story. Another might want a 10-hour serialized account that could be watched once a week. Neither is necessarily better or worse than the other.

In any case, the interview The Girl on the Train star Justin Theroux was quite insightful. On a good note, he concluded by saying how he is thankful that he got to play different roles in the course of his career.

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