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‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers: Penguin’s Promises, the Red Hood Gang’s Return, Bruce Looks For Ivy

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It is a new day in Gotham city and crime is more rampant than ever. Gotham Season 3 spoilers for Episode 5 reveal Penguin’s struggle to keep his promises as Mayor, Butch joining forces with the Red Hood Gang and Bruce’s search for Ivy.

The previous episode revealed that Penguin is now the new Mayor of Gotham city after winning the elections by a landslide. A set of Gotham Season 3 spoilers for Episode 5 reveal that Penguin will be keeping himself busy fulfilling the promises he made during his campaign. One of those promises involves cleaning out all the monsters that are still on the loose. As everyone knows, the Season 2 finale involved a busload of Indian Hill monsters created by Hugo Strange escaping and running around the city.

As Penguin finds ways of keeping his promises, the tension between Penguin’s right-hand henchman Butch and Ed continues. As seen in the teaser for the upcoming episode, the infamous Red Hood gang reappears and Butch engages in a little shootout with them during Penguin’s inaugural speech. Gotham Season 3 spoilers reveal that Butch will also be heading down a darker direction with the notorious gang of robbers. But how? That remains to be seen.

More spoilers for Gotham season 3 suggest that Bruce is now on a mission to help Selina find Ivy. As everyone knows, Ivy fell into some contaminated water during the season premiere. Little do Bruce and Selina know that Ivy survived, except that she looks much older. Selina is the one who ends up running into Ivy in Barbara and Tabitha’s club and Ivy grabs her wrist.

Meanwhile, Ed makes an entrance back at the GCPD which stuns everyone. They all know that Ed was admitted into Arkham for the murder of three people and heading into a downward spiral. As the promo reveals, when Ed runs into Dr. Lee Thompkins in the Medical Examiner’s room, Lee does not hesitate to punch him. Lee might have wanted to do that to Ed for a while knowing that he was responsible for Kristen Kringle’s death.

Gotham Season 3 airs Mondays on Fox.

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