Kylie Jenner News: Kylie Admits Denying Lip Injections, Insecurities, Relationship with Tyga

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Kylie Jenner news

Kylie Jenner bares it all – from posing topless for a magazine to confessing everything about her life, insecurities and relationship with Tyga. This time, she is not holding back from confessions and revelations.

Kylie Jenner proves she is more than a little sister to her famous older sisters. She paved her way to create her own name and business.

The 19-year-old now has her own cosmetics line. She is the face of the footwear brand Puma. She has millions of followers on all her social media and is even dubbed as the Snapchat queen.

But the road to where she is now is not as smooth as the red carpet she is used to walking on.

In a photo shoot for Complex magazine, the TV personality bared everything with the latest Kylie Jenner news.

Jenner confessed on having lip fillers after denying about it for the past years. Her lips had long been an insecurity of hers, she admits. When she was in high school, a guy she kissed criticized her small lips. Since then, her self-confidence had plummeted, as per Kylie Jenner news.

She also recognizes lying about having lip injections to her fans and classmates. She started getting lip injections when she was sixteen and did not want to think of her as a bad influence.

Getting your lips done to feel good about yourself is a message she did not want to send to her fans. But she concedes that she wished she had been “honest and upfront” about it instead particularly when her fans thought it was “crazier” for her to deny it when it was so obvious.

And despite being known as someone who is comfortable in her own body, she tells the magazine that she is “not that comfortable.” In fact, during her photo shoot where she went topless, many were instructed to go out except for her boyfriend Tyga who had been there to look over her during the shoot.

It is hard to live under media scrutiny, and Kylie Jenner news involves her revealing that she had to “live with everything I do.”

Good thing though is that Tyga has been there for her through everything and considers what they have her “first real, mature relationship.”

Their relationship started with aversion from people around them though. Each of their friends told them not to date each other, but she says they are “not doing it for the public” and proclaims “they love each other.”

When they briefly broke up for a month, she discloses they did it for her to see what it is like not being with the rapper. They later on realized it is not something they wanted.

Kylie Jenner is just happy to be with the guy that keeps her sane while she experiences anxiety from fame.

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