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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 5 Spoilers: Missing Person Leads to Murdered Officer

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NCIS Season 14 spoilers

Gibbs and the team get into another disturbing case in the upcoming episode of NCIS Season 14. Spoilers for Episode 5 suggest that a missing MI6 officer is connected to the murder of a petty officer.

The title for Episode 5 is called Philly and a set of NCIS Season 14 spoilers reveal that the case Gibbs and the team are going to tackle is the disappearance of an MI6 officer. Gibbs sends Bishop and Quinn to work with MI6 officer Clayton Reeves in Philadelphia to investigate.

It may not be surprising for everyone and even the team to learn that there is more to this case than it seems. More NCIS Season 14 spoilers for Episode 5 reveal that the disappearance of the MI6 officer is actually connected to a murder of a petty officer. With these two cases connected to each other, it is likely that the MI6 agent may have suffered the same fate as the beat cop. It is also possible that the MI6 agent and the petty officer knew each other for the two of them to end up in dangerous predicaments.

However, this case also has an effect on Quinn as well as NCIS Season 14 spoilers reveal that she remembers the case that made her leave field work. It can be assumed for everyone in the same line of work as them that there is always going to be that one case that will haunt them for a long time. What case made Quinn want to leave field work? That will be revealed in the upcoming episode.

Episode 5, Philly, guest stars Tony Gonzalez, Henry Wells Nixon, Dennis Apergis, Lou DiMaggio, Dalila Ali Rajah, Glenn Keogh, Michael Felix and Stephanie Y. Wang. Duane Henry makes his return to the show as a series regular.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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