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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Holland Roden on Lydia, Parrish Connection; Banshee History

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Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers

Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers reveal what Holland Roden thinks about the connection between Lydia and Parrish. Also, who did Stiles said those three words to?

Holland Roden’s character Lydia Martin had her heart broken a couple of times before. Now, she is tangled in some relationships that are kind of there but not quite.

Roden spilled how she likes Lydia and Parrish’s (Ryan Kelley) relationship because “you weren’t really sure.” Most of their relationship was “fabricated” in the form of dreams that are usually on Parrish’s side.

With Parrish a hellhound and Lydia a banshee, they both share a sense of power and connection with death. Thus, Roden said she felt there is a connection between the two after both feeling death around them, along with a power that correlates with it.

Lydia however, as Roden admits, feels “empathy towards him.” That makes it not easy to figure out if there is really something more going on between the two. She does feel emphatic because of what Parrish is going through. Whether or not that is all there is, it is hard to know which is which.

Another thing fans are interested to know is that Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers where Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) said, “Remember I love you,” to someone. We all know how Stiles had intense feelings for Lydia for the longest time, albeit unrequited. Was he talking to Lydia or someone else?

Roden remained coy and answered they do not know who Stiles is saying those words to.

“It could be Scott!” she said.

Meanwhile, Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers involve delving more into the banshee history, as Roden confirmed. Even though the whole season is not focused on it, there is “one amazing episode” that tackles all about banshee history.

Roden says it is a “really fun episode” and fans will definitely enjoy it.

The finale season of Teen Wolf will premiere on Nov. 15 on MTV.

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