Hillary Clinton Did Not Voluntarily Defend and Freed Child Rapist, Laughed About It

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Come election season, it is not surprising to hear outrageous stories concerning candidates’ current or past undertakings. One such case is of 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. An image macro stating that Clinton freed a child rapist is making their rounds on the internet recently.

The image claimed that once in 1975 Hillary Clinton (then Hillary Rodham) had volunteered to defend a child rapist. Clinton apparently won the case by arguing that the child had made up the rape story, additionally accusing the young female of fantasizing about older men.

Clinton thus “freed” the rapist and this was supposedly with full knowledge of his guilt. The clincher is that Clinton reportedly just laughed about the whole affair afterwards. The logical conclusion of the image being that Clinton is “an advocate for rapists,” and not for women or children.

It is quite moving, to say the least, but we must look at the other side of the story. Fact-checking site Snopes has posted a comprehensive write-up on the issue, with multiple credible sources, to boot. They tagged the whole thing as “mostly false.”

Turns out, the only thing that holds truth to it is the fact that Clinton did defend a 42-year old child rapist named Thomas Alfred Taylor. But not of her own volition; first, she did not “volunteer.” She was assigned the case, and prosecuting attorney Mahlon Gibson asked her to take it. Gibson even mentioned that Clinton did not even want to take the case, but she did not have a choice.

It also does not make sense to say that Clinton knew of Taylor’s guilt, as that could only be true if the presidential candidate was present during the time of the incident. And even that is irrelevant, as even Taylor himself never declared his innocence— he actually pled guilty.

Hillary Clinton also did no “free” the convicted rapist, as the case ended with the prosecuting attorney agreeing to a plea deal. The judge sentenced Taylor to a five-year incarceration.

Finally, Clinton never laughed about the case. Quite the contrary; she thought the case was truly “terrible.” There is an audio tape on YouTube with her describing the case. While she chuckled lightly in some parts, it was because of some ironic elements of the case; certainly not because she is happy in setting a convicted rapist loose on the streets.

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