‘Justice League’ Movie 2017 Mera Fans Slam, Tag Amber Heard ‘Gold Digger’, Called To Boycott Film

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Justice League Mera Amber Heard

In line with the release of promotional images for Justice League movie Mera, followers of both the movie and actress Amber Heard express mixed feelings. The opinion is split between those who think that the actress did relatively well with the portrayal, and those in outrage for even casting her for the role.

It has been known for quite some time that Heard will be playing the Queen of Atlantis in the new Justice League movie. There seem to be little objections about it, that is until the details about her divorce from the Pirates of the Carribean actor has gone public.

Many believe that Amber Heard is a gold digger. Some of the comments are even harsh, like one that said they were skipping the movie because they do not want to line the Justice League movie Mera actress’ pockets with more cash. Even worse than that is the prospect of fans declaring that they will boycott the film just because the actress played a role.

The accusations of gold digging might be contradictory to some recent news. When she was deemed worthy of $7 million in spousal support, she promised to donate all of the money to charity. However, the fact that Johnny Depp chose to deposit directly to charity than give it to his ex-wife seems telling.

As it stands, no one really expects Warner Brothers and the rest of the DC team to make a quick casting change because of the circumstances. The accusations of gold digging and threats of boycotting will have to take a back seat. For now, many fans are still excited about Justice League movie Mera being in the film. The concept art and all the images released so far shows great promise, perhaps even giving full justice to Aquaman’s partner and the Queen of Atlantis herself.

Justice League is directed by Zack Snyder. The movie is expected to be released on November 2017.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

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