Kate Middleton News Update: Parents of Prince William’s Wife Slammed for Selling Gruesome Children’s Halloween Costumes

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It is not surprising for Kate Middleton to be the subject of news updates. But right now, the media trained away their spotlights for a while, and instead shone them on her parents. It seems Michael and Carole Middleton have been under fire from the online community for selling what is said to be a Halloween costume too gross to be sold to children.

Michael, 67, and Carole, 61, have been running a Halloween costume store named “Party Pieces.” One of the pieces they sell is a “Roadkill” bunny costume that is apparently “too gross” for most parents’ tastes. It depicted a rabbit with bloodstains all over and even has a tire mark running on its belly.

Even the store’s site itself calls the costume gruesome. However, many may have thought that it was unnecessarily too gory, even for a Halloween costume. One father remarked that the costume would terrify his daughter.  A whopping 48 percent of parents thought that Halloween costumes in general are just too frightening, especially those designed like Killer Clowns.

Some pointed out that trick-or-treating is a popular American tradition that many admit will not be easy to get away. Still, Siobhan Freegard, a champion of responsible parenting, thought that Halloween should be more about fun and less about encouraging children to wear scary costumes.

Freegard’s site for parenting even featured the costume sold by the parents of Kate Middleton, albeit not in a flattering light. In a video called The 8 Most Evil Kids Halloween Costumes, she showcased numerous costumes including the Roadkill rabbit, Jack the Ripper (a real-life serial murderer),  and Slender Man (a fictional character). The video also showed some people’s reactions to said costumes. The response was negative all around.

The video also shared little tidbits of news. Aside from detailing the percentage of parents that disagree with the costumes, they also stated updates. One interesting statistic is that when they said that one in seven people thought that Halloween is becoming more and more sinister each year.

The rabbit costume that Kate Middleton’s parents sold is still up for sale after the news. While many thought that it should not be marketed to children, there seems to be no update if the costume will be out of circulation soon.

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