Mike Rowe Election Pointers: Choosing Between Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton

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Much has been said about the current state of America’s political climate. Even more is the constant stream of influential people encouraging people to cast a vote because it is one’s “civic duty.” However, Mike Rowe election pointers shed a rather different light with regard to the right to vote, and it is more than insightful.

It all started when the famous host of Discovery Channel’s program Dirty Jobs was asked by a fan to “encourage his following to vote.” But his response was not exactly the one that his fan Jeremy asked for, but still it is nothing short of fantastic. He started by comparing voting rights to the right to bear arms.

Encouraging people to vote just because it is “their right,” he says, is like encouraging people to buy guns just because they have the right to bear arms. And he could not actually do that unless he knew the background of the buyer; if they knew how to take care of the weapon, if they had a history of violence, and the like. Basically he is saying that it eventually becomes his responsibility if he encourages the people to buy a weapon, and in the end it does more harm than good.

For Mike Rowe, election opinions further expanded on how voting is a powerful right, and yet everyone does not seem to realize the full power of that right. He believes that instead of just saying “go vote” like so many of his celebrity pals, the first step is encouraging them to know more about current events and cultivate a sensible worldview.

He thinks the country does not need “just” voters, but empowered, knowledgeable voters. The long, wisdom-filled Mike Rowe election pointers boils down to one simple fundamental: read more. It would be better for everyone form a choice, no matter the political agenda, because of informed foundations and not just because people are “guilt-tripped” into voting.

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