Priyanka Chopra Magazine Cover Photo Gets More Flak

Priyanka Chopra Magazine Cover Photo Gets More Flak

Priyanka Chopra, the current toast of Hollywood tinseltown, recently got embroiled in a controversy. The Priyanka Chopra magazine cover photo featuring the stunning Bollywood star with wet hair and wearing a white top with the crossed-out words refugee, immigrant and outsider and traveller uncrossed continues to get flak.

Seeing and hearing Priyanka Chopra speak lends the impression of one of those determined, smart, fearless, and beautiful rising female celebrities. The voluptuous actress is easy to like, and it was with much consternation that she got caught in the clash of opinion surrounding the t-shirt statement. Online trolls had a heyday.

Since then, several media outlets have circulated the travel magazine’s official statement articulating the reason behind the Priyanka Chopra magazine cover photo with the controversial emblazoned words.

The travel magazine had explained that the point it wanted to make was that it is high time break down the walls and open up their minds and hearts. In so doing, they can discover the world. People need to “demand a world free of racism and bigotry” so that everyone, including the future generation, will better enjoy the fascinating, beautiful world of travel.

The message, it was further clarified, is that labels such as immigrants, refugees, and outsiders — need not be attached to people.  Alas, the effort backfired. An author once said that the worst harm may result from the best intentions. On top of that, good intention is sometimes not backed up by proper execution.

Upon seeing the words on the t-shirt of the stunning Baywatch actress, and reading the cover story, an editor opined that “the cover really rankled” especially because the words `immigrant’ and `refugee’ in light of recent developments like the Syrian refugee crisis have emerged as “important markers of many identities.’

Placed in the same space as “traveller,” the crossed out words refugee, immigrant and outsider in the Priyanka Chopra magazine cover photo was open to many interpretations. If you are among those people who have been seeing images of suffering migrants and lifeless bodies of little boys as they attempted to cross over to another land, the t-shirt message may cause you to react negatively or go into a frenzy.

Photo Source: Manansha15/Wikimedia Commons

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