Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) Rumors, Spoilers: Finn Recovers, Finds Rey and Luke

Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors and spoilers
Star Wars: Episode VIII rumors and spoilers include Finn, played by John Boyega, reawakening and embarking on a journey.

For avid movie buffs with intergalactic interests that just cannot be doused, here are some  Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors and spoilers, from the cast members themselves and from a legitimate group of Star Wars enthusiasts-turned-bloggers.

One of the characters who has ignited interest is Finn, played  John Boyega.  The British actor did not think he would be part of a big movie with a talented cast in a galaxy far, far away. He had been auditioning for for over six months.

Boyega, 24,  has always been a Star Wars fan, as he stated in interviews. When he was finally included in the franchise and the reality of it all had not yet sinked in, all he could say was “Wow!” It is not everyday that one gets to share big screen presence with Han Solo, Chewbacca, the Droid BB-8, and Rey, who was front and center in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In March this year, while greeting Boyega “happy birthday,” Mark Hamill dropped a hint about something interesting that may unravel in Episode 8. Hamill tweeted that Boyega is “just sonsational” followed by the Episode 8 hashtag.

Apart from the parentage issue, word has it that not only will Finn return after being placed in a bacta suit to heal, he will also be taking centerstage attention together with a new character portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran. Finn will be shown ready to go on a journey that just might let lead him to Luke Skywalker, Rey, and R2-D2.

Brace yourselves, Star Wars fanatics, because a reawakened Finn is all set to be a “big deal” in the Resistance. Boyega himself divulged that Episode 8 will require scenes that are much more physical, so  he has allotted more gym time.

For a few more Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors and spoilers that are not that drastic —  Finn’s somewhat Resistance-sanctioned mission may lead him to uncover the whereabouts of the First Order’s operational base, or Kylo Ren’s hiding place.

It will be recalled that Finn had a climactic scene with Adam Driver, who played Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens. Ren disclosed that the upcoming film has a similarity to the original 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back.

Rian Johnson is in the director’s chair for Star Wars: Episode VIII. Watch out for more Star Wars: Episode VIII (8) rumors and spoilers, way before the film’s scheduled release in December 2018. In the meantime, Rogue One is slated to hit theaters in mid-December.

Photo Source: John Boyega/Twitter

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