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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Tyler Posey on Scott Leaving for College; Season Finale Meaningful Death

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Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers acknowledges a teen, even when he might be a werewolf, still has to go through life’s normal phases and dilemmas – like going to college. Tyler Posey speaks out on the worries of a pack’s alpha about going to college while protecting Beacon Hills.

Scott, played by Tyler Posey, will be going to college soon and he will have to leave his hometown. But he cannot live the town with peace of mind while having no one to look after Beacon Hills yet. With that, Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) got some stepping up to do.

Liam is still a new werewolf but is the likeliest choice to be the next alpha once Scott leaves for college, according to Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers. Posey admits Scott is worried of leaving and wants to make sure his hometown is protected. He thinks Liam can already step up to lead the pack and look after the town while he is gone.

Tyler Posey says he is excited, albeit worried, for college and staying away from Beacon Hills for a short while only until something bad would happen. If that is the case, he would have to come back and stay, of course.

Scott’s mother Melissa McCall, played by Melissa Ponzio, is a proud mom. Her son is going through a new phase in his life, this time it is not supernatural, and commends showrunner Jeff Davis on his take of the characters’ transition into adulthood.

But not everyone is going to college. Some, like Lydia (Holland Roden), still does not have any plans to leave Beacon Hills yet. Roden says she is thinking about college for Lydia but she does not know if Lydia, or the show, are interested at going to college herself.

Meanwhile, Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers also involves one character, or maybe more, will not have any future at all as Davis previously disclosed. It will be more than just blood and shock, and it is going to be “a meaningful death.”

The supernatural drama will return to our small screens for the finale on Nov. 15 on MTV.

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