Jaden Smith Living Dead: Will Smith’s Son Says He Used to be a Vampire

Jaden Smith dead or alive
Actor-rapper Jaden Smith has dropped his obsession with the living dead and is now focused on a special mission.

Living dead or alive with purpose, actor-rapper Jaden Smith has transformed into a different young man with a special mission. In a recent interview with French fashion magazine Numéro, the 18-year-old son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith disclosed that he went through a phase and became a “vampire.”

The rapping sensation, noted for his short but interesting tweets, revealed that he was a “vampire” in the sense that he not only adopted a Gothic style, but also avoided direct sunlight exposure. That was a strange part of his past that he had left behind. Jaden Smith, enraptured by the living dead or alive in the American music scene, has always drawn curious attention.

The actor-rapper became a household name by playing the role of  of a homeless salesman’s son in the biographical drama film based on Chris Gardner life struggles. His father Will Smith played Gardner. Other film projects followed.

Smith has also made his mark as a rapper.  Last summer, the talented singer surprised people at Coachella by joining Norwegian rapper-producer Lido in a set. Smith and Lido are close friends, and their collaboration is part of Lido’s debut album entitled Everything.  Talented young musicians have invaded the global entertainment industry, but a few of them are a cut above the rest.

As an actor, an artist, or as product endorser, Smith has grown right in front of everyone’s eyes.  Today, he has emerged as an important voice for the new generation. He has become involved with JUST water, and is often seen carrying the product in its eco-friendly packaging.

Smith was one of the celebrities who became a victim of malicious death hoax news. The reports were debunked and everyone learned that the actor-musician is doing really fine.

Smith’s life mission, as he himself articulated, is to “help the world and make it better.” Indeed, whether he is obsessed with the living dead or alive with passion to carry out a special mission, Jaden Smith has clearly evolved.

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