How to Spring Back From These 4 Telltale Signs of Burnout

telltale signs of burnout
The telltale signs of burnout may gradually sneak up on people, but there are ways to combat it.

Feeling stressed out or demotivated lately? Has your dream business become more of a drain? When recurring levels of conflict with your hubby and co-workers arise, and you keep feeling the blahs for no reason, you may be seeing some of the telltale signs of burnout. Here are four of them:

1.  Interest in your dream project or job wanes.

In today’s demanding and competitive world, people may start out fine and in fact, learn to be engaged — with people, with projects, and with goals. At some point in time, though, interest may wane, stress may become hard to manage, and the few shreds of enthusiasm for work that once energized you are dissipated, it may be time to change tack, and rekindle your passion.

As a holistic health advocate who co-founded an online stress management site noted, too much stress can “wreak havoc” not only on the things you have worked hard to build, but also on your health and relationships. Before stress leads you over the edge, devise ways to beat it. Begin by recognizing the telltale signs of burnout.

2.  Many things aggravate your stress.

When work-related or home-connected stress, worries or clutter magnify the negative feelings you are feeling, take action.  Actively seek out people and activities that make you happy.  Engaging in things you like to do in your spare time, like eating out or hitting the gym with your buddy, may ease you into a happier and more productive state.

In his book Think Eat Move Thrive, naturopathic doctor Dr. James Rouse noted the vast majority of people in the US who are overweight, sad, tired, stressed out and underliving. The trick, he said, is to integrate and optimize the practices of mindfulness, eating with intention, and exercising regularly.

3. You are constantly angry and anxious.

Anger and anxiety becoming signature emotions, whether you are in the workplace or at home, falls in another category that may be leading you to burnout. When you always end up arguing with your significant other or co–workers, make an effort to learn to defuse the tension. Reading self-help books, especially by experts or life coaches, may help.

4. You look older than your years and feel frequently tired.

The other telltale signs of burnout may be staring you in the face, but you just refuse to see it. Your friends may see that you look 10 to 15 years older than your actual age and you are constantly tired even if you hardly exert physical effort.  Revamp unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, take a break from work, and reconnect with positive-minded friends and wholesome activities that give you joy. When pep talks to self like “hang in there” do not work anymore and you have simply stopped enjoying your job, it may be time to break away from the rat race, as a corporate escape coach may advise.

Photo Source: Becky Wetherington/Wikimedia Commons

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