Donald Trump News Today: Lawsuit Filed For Rape of 13-Year Old Child Might Threaten His Campaign

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The presidential campaign of Donald Trump has been known for aggressive tactics when it comes to his goals. His resolve seems to be all about results, and it is going relatively well for him so far. However, a serious threat to his credibility surfaced recently when a woman came forward and filed a lawsuit for allegedly raping the once-13-year old.

The case was filed by one Katie Johnson, who, according to her story, has been coerced into sexual abuse by Donald Trump and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The sexual “favors” have apparently been accompanied of promises of fame and money.

Johnson, in her suit, says that she was offered monetary incentives plus a modelling career in exchange for “disgusting sexual acts” performed for both Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. Johnson recalled such acts and vividly described them in her statements (note: link contains detailed descriptions of said sexual acts).

One of these includes forced lesbian acts with a fellow teenage girl. There were also accounts of “underage sexual parties” held at Epstein’s house and “attended by Trump.” All of these allegedly started from when Johnson was 13 years of age. She added that she chose to file a lawsuit only recently because her family has been under threat by Trump.

The allegations were met with denial. Donald Trump himself was disgusted by the accusations, and called them “categorically false.” A source added that this was just a desperate plot to ruin the presidential candidate.

While have their own post on the issue, they have not yet assigned a truth value (like most of their posts). They did point out that all the information so far has been sourced solely from Katie Johnson’s statements. Essentially, we are only getting Johnson’s side of the story. Furthermore, they said that no one has been able to locate or interview her recently.

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