`Star Wars’ Production Company Pleads Guilty, Gets Almost $2M Fine

Star Wars production company, pleads guilty
Harrison Ford sustained a leg injury on the set of `Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ heaping a hefty fine on the Star Wars production company.

A behind-the-scenes occurrence on the set of  Star Wars: The Force Awakens was uncovered. Few people were aware that Harrison Ford, who tackled the role of Han Solo in the high-grossing box-office hit, injured his leg, bringing the Star Wars production company a major lawsuit. Everyone was taken aback by the news ticker “the production company pleads guilty, incurs hefty fine.”

Foodles Production Ltd., which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Co., reportedly failed to warn the Indiana Jones actor of the risks and dangers on the London set of the The Force Awakens back in June 2014.

The culprit that resulted to Ford’s broken leg was a hydraulic metal door on the Millennium Falcon that struck the actor. A fine amounting to $1.95 million was heaped on the production company by the British court that handled the case. The news”A Star Wars production company pleads guilty” had many movie watchers realizing the many dangers actors face.

It was not just Ford, though, who suffered an injury on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. American filmmaker J.J. Abrams, in a 2015 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, recounted how he broke his back when he attempted to help Ford. He opted to downplay his own injury, though, even after Ford was back on the set months later spry as ever. It was Abrams who spearheaded Hollywood’s most important franchise in 2015 and convinced Harrison Ford, a member of the original cast, to return.

In other news, Star Wars: Episode VIII has stoked rabid fans’ excitement even as there will be more back stories that will unravel when Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas in December.

When a Star Wars production company pleads guilty of a big offense, expect avid movie buffs to unearth more details about their favorite stars, what went on behind-the-scenes, plot lines for the upcoming movie, and so on.

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