`The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Star Norman Reedus Injured, Hints at `Heavy’ New Season Opener

The Walking Dead Season 7 star Norman Reedus, injured
`The Walking Dead’ actor Norman Reedus is shown at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International.

Everyone’s favorite television hero, The Walking Dead Season 7 star Norman Reedus, can recount experiences of being physically injured while hanging around with overly excited female fans. In a recent television interview, the actor with a huge fan base revealed that he also gets asked all day along about what will happen in the upcoming season.

If Reedus, who plays fearless tracker Daryl Dixon in the long-running horror drama series, could easily emerge sound and well from brushes with his wildest fans, in The Walking Dead Season 7, it appears like he may not have as much luck recuperating in Season 7. In The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Reedus divulged that “a lot of people will be kicking their television sets” then added that things do get “heavy.”

Avid fans have gone through many adventures with the character played by Dixon on the small screen. The show’s writers have given him some very entertaining lines and expressions, adding comic relief to an adrenaline-thumping horror drama series. Dixon’s tough yet compassionate side has won him legions of fans all over the world.

Females swoon over Reedus, and a zealous fan could not stop herself from biting him during a photo opportunity at the Walker Stalker Convention in New Jersey. Recently, Reedus got lifted off the ground by another female fan who is so strong she ended up twisting his knee. The Walking Dead Season 7 star Norman Reedus just takes such instances in stride. Being chomped on and injured may be strange in real life, but in the show, it is commonplace. Biters, after all, abound in The Walking Dead.

News has circulated that the new season will be very intense. Talk is rife that there will be “gut-wrenching” scenes. It looks like the no-nonsense crossbow-wielding character of Reedus is in for a big challenge in Season 7. Will his tough persona and the lethal combination of speed and performance of his weaponry be no match for the antagonists? Fans are waiting with bated breath if The Walking Dead Season 7 star Norman Reedus will be fatally injured.

Photo Source:  Gaga Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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