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‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Detective Malone is Prometheus

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Felicity has a new boyfriend, but Oliver does not know about him yet. However, spoilers for Arrow Season 5 reveal that Oliver will soon find out and it is possible that he could also be the show’s big villain Prometheus.

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 suggest that Oliver will be working with Felicity’s new boyfriend Detective Malone. Oliver, however, does not know that Detective Malone is the guy, not that Felicity is keeping it a secret from him. According to Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, Season 5 will reveal how Oliver feels about him once he finds out.

What happened at Havenrock certainly took its toll on Felicity psychologically, but Detective Malone was there for her even if he is not exactly one for the vigilante life. Still, Felicity knows she can count on him to help her out.

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 suggest that it is possible that the show’s new villain Prometheus is Malone himself, but how? For starters, Malone came out of nowhere. A few months after what transpired at Havenrock, Malone appears and is everything Felicity needs in a man. Second, Malone and Oliver are romantic rivals just as Prometheus and Green Arrow are rivals themselves.

If Malone turns out to be Prometheus, then the conflict between him and Oliver would go down on a much more personal scale. Malone will not only be fighting the Green Arrow, he would also be competing for Felicity’s affections, replacing Oliver as both friend and romantic interest. It is also likely that Malone would know who Oliver Queen really is and therefore wooed Felicity in order to get to Oliver.

But, it is also possible that Malone is another character entirely that may not have anything to do with Prometheus at all. It is still all down to speculation at this point.

Arrow airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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