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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Runs DNA Test

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If there is no violence, there are problems of a familial nature in the latest episode of General Hospital as spoilers suggest that Maxie herself will run a DNA test on Nathan.

A set of General Hospital spoilers reveal that Maxie will secretly run a DNA test on Nathan to prove Charlotte’s parentage. When the test results are revealed, Nathan will be shocked to know that Charlotte is not really his daughter. However, having run a DNA test behind Nathan’s back does not mean Maxie will get away from the drama unscathed.

It is clear that Nathan has already come to terms with this situation and really wants Charlotte to be his kid. Nathan was excited during the first paternity test, even believing that the test confirmed that Charlotte is his daughter despite the way the results came out. Maxie seems to think otherwise and believes that Charlotte is merely a pawn in whatever Claudette has up her sleeve.

To add to that, Charlotte has brown eyes while both Claudette and Nathan have blue eyes. So far, everyone knows that the Cassadine men, one of them being Charlotte’s biological father, are all brown-eyed. Maxie knows that something is up which leads her to run a DNA test using Charlotte’s juice box, but it could lead her to losing Nathan as everyone knows that the two of them have gotten closer lately.

More General Hospital spoilers suggest that once Nathan finds out about the untampered DNA test results, Maxie will insist that this was just for her to prove that Claudette was lying. Nathan feels otherwise at first, thinking that Maxie had taken a child away from him despite being supportive of Maxie and Georgie.

Nathan’s reaction will not last long as he will later realize that Maxie is only doing this to protect him.

Who is Charlotte’s real father? What will Claudette do next? How will Claudette explain herself?

Those will be answered during airtime of General Hospital, Mondays to Fridays on ABC.

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