Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks Email Release Did Not Confirm She Sold Weapons to ISIS

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A recent WikiLeaks email release appears to confirm what seems to be one of Hillary Clinton’s most humiliating acts. Alleged details have started spreading that the former Secretary of State and now Presidential nominee has sold weapons to extremist faction ISIS.

The reports started when WikiLeaks, the “rebel Library of Alexandria,” released the “Podesta Emails.” This is a series of emails Clinton sent to her campaign manager John Podesta. The emails are supposed to contain details of the actions Clinton undertook which eventually the flow of weapons to various Syrian factions.

This is what fact-checking website deemed is closest to the truth. Tagging the report as a “mixture” [of facts and falsehoods], they imply that the report was exaggerated or at least mis-reproduced. There is no direct evidence of Hillary Clinton knowingly selling weapons to ISIS in the email release.

Even the claim that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself confirmed the report is false. What Assange said in a statement is similar to the statement above, in that the weapons flow may have been direct to “certain jihadist factions within Syria.” However, no mention of ISIS can be found anywhere in the statement.

The website added that reports like these are quick to spread because Wikileaks’ format of releasing documents tend to devolve into second- or even third-hand reporting. They even suggested that the misinformation may have stemmed from an earlier article that claimed “confirmation” on the issue.

Granted, they did point out that the Syrian factions in which the weapons went may include ISIS. However, neither WikiLeaks (the current state of its database) nor the Podesta email release can possibly confirm such information.

Being this close to the elections, it is not surprising that shocking reports and rumors about each respective candidate are popping up left and right. Hillary Clinton has also been accused of freeing a child rapist, as Donald Trump was recently accused of pedophilia. Voters are advised to be informed, and confirm every report they hear with verifiable evidence and facts before committing to believe in any such reports.

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