Prince William, Kate Middleton Latest News: Couple Exhausted From Royal Duties; Is Queen Elizabeth Overworking Them

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Being a member of any royal family is not easy. There are a ton of social rules to follow, plus there are all the engagements and appearances. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton are especially having it tough.

Latest news reported that photos of the couple, seen visiting the National Football Museum and National Graphene Institute, suggest that they may have been overworking recently. A set of photos, showing the couple’s recent engagements, have been collected and posted and said to portray the implied exhaustion.

There had been previous reports that said Kate Middleton has been avoiding appearances for various reasons. It has also been hinted that she had been taking luxury vacations together with Prince William. While the reasons for doing so are entirely their own, Queen Elizabeth II seems to think that the couple just does not have enough work on their hands.

The latest news report that Queen Elizabeth II added more and more items into the couple’s schedules, leading the media to believe that the Queen herself has a hand in the couple’s apparent exhaustion. Nevertheless, the Royal Engagements continue to pile up, one after another. It seems that the couple even hardly has any time to rest at their home.

Being that public image is one of the more important aspects of royalty, the Queen perhaps thought that it would be inappropriate for the public to think that the taxpayer’s money just goes into those little trips that Kate Middleton and Prince William have. It was not entirely without precedent, as the couple, but especially Middleton, has been previously reported to have lapses in appearances.

Still, these reports are based on a specific set of photos. It is still unconfirmed if there is any truth regarding the state of their work nor the Queen’s actions. Yet on top of some controversial news about Middleton’s parents, the couple may actually have a lot more than they can handle, if the latest report is to be believed.

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