‘Star Wars: Episode VIII (8)’ Spoilers Reddit: Kylo Ren Does Not Have Force Capabilities; Relies on Helmet

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There is no shortage of Star Wars Episode VIII (8) spoilers and theories around the internet. One community in particular, Reddit, is good at churning out these stuff. For instance, a recent theory would have us believe that Kylo Ren has none to minimal force capabilities, and is relying on his helmet for the success of his exploits.

While this is not the first theory we have presented for the upcoming film, it has the potential to be the most controversial. This Reddit theory hinges on a concept called “force artifacts,” items that considerably amplify the user’s control of the Force, if one knows how to properly use it.

The theory, started in a thread by backwardsglove, posits that Kylo Ren does not have (or has minimal) force capabilities and relies on a force artifact instead. The force artifact in question is Kylo Ren’s helmet. He backs these potential Star Wars Episode VIII (8) spoilers with gifs and screengrabs from the film, and situations where his theory would apply.

For example, he pointed out how Kylo Ren has no difficulty flicking laser bolts away with his wrists in one scene while struggling to pick up a light saber in a later one. He added that one significant difference between the two events is that Kylo Ren has his helmet on in the earlier, and not in the latter.

There are more evidences that he presented, and the theory seems to hold weight. However, one thing that really holds the theory back from taking off is that a “force artifact” is a concept from the expanded universe. And, as far as the poster is concerned, the expanded universe is not canon.

But as he pointed out himself, it could be that the creators are borrowing elements from the expanded universe, and why not? Even some who responded on the Reddit post are interested in the theory, and think that it could actually be true.

While it must be awesome and on par with that one where Luke could have his epic force moment on Ahch-to, this potential Star Wars Episode VIII (8) spoilers or theory are still unconfirmed. They are products of curiosity and the fans excitement, but it keeps the fandom interesting and it is nice to indulge in them every once in a while.

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