Steven Avery Lawyers 2016: Ex-Fiancee Claims He Still ‘Loves Her’ Despite Cease and Desist Letter

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Steven Avery’s lawyers recently sent a “cease and desist” letter to his now ex-fiancée Lynn Hartman. The letter stated the termination of the relationship between the two. However, despite this, Hartmann still claims that Avery still loves her, and even blames the convict’s family for their broken relationship.

The letter stated that Hartman breached privacy when she decided to do high-profile interviews, including one with well-known TV personality Dr. Phil. In the said interviews, the woman gave her opinion on the case.

This was apparently against his wishes, and Steven Avery’s lawyers asserted that Hartman is aware of this. In the legal document, they stated that Avery was under the impression that all of their conversations and correspondence were held in confidence. There was an oral agreement between the two that states Hartman and her now ex-fiancé’s conversations would not be divulged to the public.

The interviews constituted a serious breach of contract. However, the lawyers added that they will not take any legal action, even though the oral agreement has already been broken. This is under the condition that Hartman will not engage in any further interviews. They also prohibited her from expressing her opinions on the case, including her views on the matter of Avery’s innocence or guilt.

However, Hartman recently told PEOPLE magazine’s Crime column that Steven Avery is still claiming her to be “his girl.” She related this and other affectionate promises despite the legal situation, like how she is still “his future.”

Furthermore, she added that one of the main reasons why their relationship soured is because of Avery’s family. She claimed that she has been harassed by people close to Avery ever since they found out about their relationship.

Meanwhile, according Avery’s niece Carla Chase, the claims are “baseless” as Hartman was”welcomed with open arms” into the family. Chase even added that it was actually the Hartmans who removed several family members on the prison visitation list.

What is certain is that the letter Steven Avery’s lawyers produced legally restricts Lynn Hartman from getting details of their relationship public. Whatever her claims may be, it might be best for her to concede to the cease-and-desist and lay low for a while.

The Steven Avery case has been the subject of Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer. The show garnered worldwide acclaim, gaining a 97% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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