Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck Dating, Relationship Rebound of Each Other

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Besides news of breakups and divorce in the celebrity world nowadays, a new relationship seems to be budding in the background. Apparently, Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck are rumored to be dating.

Both celebrities are involved in recent separations from their partners. Swift has just got out of a relationship from Avengers star Tom Hiddleston. Affleck, on the other hand, is still dealing with the divorce from Jennifer Garner, and all the issues that come with it. It is easy to see the two meeting somewhere and striking good impressions with each other.

And that, they did. The reports state that the country-singer-turned-pop-star made quite an impression with Justice League’s Batman. So much so that he asked Cara Delevingne (who starred as Enchantress in another DC film, Suicide Squad) to put him in touch with the singer.

An unnamed source said that what started out as innocent texts have turned into flirtatious messages. Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck apparently found that they are both keen into the idea of starting a relationship, following the exchange of messages.

However, this report only came from a single source called In Touch magazine, and Gossip Cop posted an article to counter the rumor. In the article they expressed their confidence that they can exclusively debunk the said rumor.

They started with how In Touch ran stories about Affleck reuniting with Jennifer Lopez about a month prior. They also add that just about a week ago, they published that even Affleck’s mother was urging him to reunite with Jennifer Garner. No references were made to these previous stories were made, leading Gossip Cop to question the credibility of the source.

They also claimed that what they base the rumor on was a little comment on a recent interview with the Batman v. Superman star. He mentioned Swift in the interview, and how his kids were delighted to meet them.

Gossip Cop has been known to debunk quite a lot of celebrity rumors. As such, until further reports come in, the rumor that Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck are dating will remain unconfirmed.

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