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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6 Spoilers: Tyler Posey on Stiles Disappearance, What He Will Miss on Show

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Tyler Posey spills some details about Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers on Stiles and Scott’s relationship, thoughts on Scott’s journey, what he will miss about the show and people in their season finale.

Teen Wolf is saying goodbye after six seasons where they captured the hearts of millions of viewers. During one of their last panels in New York Comic Con, Tyler Posey, who plays protagonist Scott McCall, shared some insights about his thoughts for the beloved supernatural MTV series.

The former season has been a dark one. This time, Posey says there will be a mix of some comedic moments in the show. The combination of many genres, from comedy, horror, action, drama, romance, and “sexiness,” while maintaining a balance is something Posey loves about the show. But, the “happiness doesn’t last long.”

Previous Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers have shown us that Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), Scott’s bestfriend, has been wiped out from the memory of the Beacon Hills people.

Posey says Stiles disappearing does not affect anybody because “they don’t know him.” They are just not aware on what they are missing. However, a nagging feeling of something terrible happening gnaws at them.

As they go on with their daily lives and “keeping the pack together,” their experience of sensing when something bad is happening makes them feel that there is actually “something bad happening.” They just cannot pinpoint what it is.

Meanwhile, on Scott’s journey in life, Posey admits he does not know where it will head – just like how it has been for the last seven years. The cast have learned to stop inquiring after no one tells them anything. But Teen Wolf Season 6 spoilers reveal that all is good as Posey says he loves making the character his and turning him into a cool one.

Posey also addressed the inevitable – the show saying goodbye after six seasons. He confessed he will “miss just being on set with everybody and seeing them everyday.” Doing the show is not just work and it never feels like it.

“They are truly family,” Posey concludes.

The first episode of the last season of Teen Wolf will head back to our small screens on Nov. 15 on MTV.

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