Kate Middleton Expresses Pride In Code-Breaking Grandmother Who Worked In Bletchley Park During WWII

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Kate Middleton Expresses Pride In Code-Breaking Grandmother Who Worked In Bletchley Park During WWII

Kate Middleton is mostly known today for her advocacies that promote mental health. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken another step towards that goal. In a foreword she wrote for a puzzle book, she expressed pride in her grandmother. Apparently, her grandma helped break codes in their designation in Bletchley Park during World War II.

It is just not any other puzzle book, though. The book, titled The GCHQ Puzzle Book, is a collection of puzzles compiled by the Government Communications Headquarters. The GCHQ is the British national agency of intelligence and security, and they published the book in the hopes of promoting the importance of mind exercise for all ages.

As mentioned, Kate Middleton was asked to write the foreword of the book. In it, she related how her paternal grandmother, Valerie Glassborow, was a vital part of the code-breaking division assigned in Bletchley Park. Together with her twin sister Mary, Valerie served in an effort to break German codes at the time when World War II was raging.

She also shared details of her personal connections with some members of the GCHQ that she knew through her grandmother. The Duchess then emphasized how mental well-being is important to any person of any age, and believed that the book will help with this.

Furthermore, the proceeds for the sales of the book will be going to Heads Together Campaign. It is a foundation that she heads, together with her husband Prince William. One of its main aims is to promote awareness of mental health; to alleviate the stigma and fear of talking about it and replace it with “openness and understanding.”

This is certainly is a brighter report for Kate Middleton and her family, considering that only recently her parents were criticized. Further recognizing the efforts of the people of Bletchley Park is a good eye-opening experience for the public, as well.

The GCHQ Puzzle Book will be available for sale on Oct. 20. It will be published by penguin Random House.

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