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‘NCIS’ Season 14 Episode 5 Spoilers: Murder and a Kidnapping, Torres Messes Up, Quinn’s Past

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As the season progresses, the more the backstories of the new characters are revealed. NCIS Season 14 spoilers for Episode 5 reveal that Torres messes up in a social situation, Quinn’s reason why she left field work for some time, and a kidnapping of an MI6 Agent linked to a murder of a petty officer.

Episode 5 of NCIS Season 14 is called Philly and that is where the murder investigation will take place. The team will work with the MI6 on the missing MI6 Officer Finley. Previous spoilers revealed that in true NCIS fashion, there is always another case connected to this one. This time, the kidnapping of this MI6 Agent is also linked to the murdered petty officer.

It might be an unusual connection, given that the two officers differ in class. But it is likely that both victims know each other and knowing that MI6 Officer Finley is missing, it could also be possible that they may have suffered the same demise as the petty officer.

More spoilers for Episode 5 reveal that Torres gets in trouble for talking a little too much. Bishop comments that Quinn is not looking to settle, to which Torres says that all women are always wanting to settle. McGee is wise enough to back away, being a newly engaged man and this leads Gibbs to give Torres some advice. Gibbs’ advice? “Don’t say anything, Torres. You can thank me later.”

Speaking of Quinn, more spoilers for Episode 5 reveal that the current investigation reminds her of the case that made her leave field work. The petty officer who was killed is identified as Gary Falco, who comes from Upper Darby, and Quinn does not look pleased. It seems that the case that made her temporarily retire from becoming an agent came from that place.

Meanwhile, Torres is undergoing an interrogation with some assistance from McGee, and it turns out that McGee is no good cop when it comes to wanting answers.

NCIS Season 14 airs Tuesdays on CBS.

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