Taylor Swift, Donald Trump: ‘Bad Blood’ Singer Might Break Her Loud Election Silence Soon

Taylor Swift and Donald Trump
Taylor Swift has been tight-lipped on who her favored US Presidential candidate is.

As celebrities’ social media rants versus Donald Trump intensify, the multiple Grammy award-winning artist Taylor Swift has remained tight-lipped, not showing signs who her favored Presidential candidate is. Onlookers may note, instead, that Taylor Swift and Donald Trump make an interesting study in contrast.

To date, big-name stars like Madonna, Katy Perry, have gone on record to endorse their Presidential candidate. A few months ago, over a hundred artists that include Bryan Cranston, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington, Olivia Wilde, Lena Dunham, Julianne Moore, and Jane Fonda have taken to social media to take a united stance against Trump.

They tweeted a message that they are against Trump’s bigotry, among other undesirable things they perceive him to represent. The Shake it Off singer, for her part, has stayed mum, opting to steer clear of the raging political wars. Some fans have tweeted a call to action – for Swift to use her huge fanbase and power to “dissuade” people from voting for Trump, but the Bad Blood singer may not budge.

Swift, of course, is more known for speaking out on issues directly affecting herself as a singer or as a person. Those analyzing how the political race will play out surmise that either Swift, a self-declared feminist, will break her silence a few days before election day, or finally speak about the American election when she is casting her ballot.

The stark contrast between Taylor Swift and Donald Trump now is that while one has chosen to be temporarily silent about political personalities, the other has been using the power of his voice to get votes of confidence.

Interestingly, it is not just Taylor Swift who has chosen to be apolitical at the moment, making some quarters wonder if it is a sign of support or thumbs-down for Donald Trump. In September last year, Teresa and Jeff Greenwood, became known for using Taylor Swift’s face as design for their 12-acre corn maze because they considered her an “amazing role model.” They did not use a Presidential election theme for their Summers Farm in Maryland this year since they consider it a happy place that they would rather not smear with politics.

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