Tom Hiddleston Dating Life and the Advocacy That Has Become His Burning Passion

Tom Hiddleton dating life
Tom Hiddleston is involved not only with films like “Thor: Ragnarok” but also with advocacies. He has long been supporting UNICEF.

Tom Hiddleston sightings leave most women swooning. Recently, the lucky girl was a waitress whom he chatted with while dining alone at a restaurant in the Gold Coast. Though he just split from Taylor Swift, the Tom Hiddleton dating life has aroused the curiosity of fans.

Snaps of the British actor that were circulated showed him relaxed and in fine form. Hiddleston, 35, did share a `moment’ with Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra at the recent Emmy Awards. The Thor: Ragnarok actor held her hands and talked animatedly.

There is more to the actor, though, than meets the eye. Beyond the Tom Hiddleston dating life and underneath the sexy and elegantly British exterior is a man who has a soft spot for children.

He revealed in an interview with fellow British actor Benedict Cumberbatch that before he commenced work on The Night Manager, he traveled to South Sudan with UNICEF and shot a documentary about the effects of the civil war on innocent children.

As UNICEF supporter, Hiddleston can be seen in social media sites speaking about the importance of education and school for children displaced by conflict and crisis situations. On Facebook, he wrote about how people can share their journey to school, using the hashtag Emergency Lessons, as what Ali and Gait, who fled Iraq,

Nowadays, Hiddleston continues to enjoy the scenic spots of Australia while filming Thor: Ragnarok. His ex-girlfriend Swift had traveled with him there. In another instance, he and Thor lead actor Chris Hemsworth were seen visiting a children’s hospital in Brisbane. Hiddleston wore his Loki costume while Hemsworth carried his Thor hammer.  Hiddleston will be Down Under until early November.

Even as he has long been the voice for children in need, the Thor actor could not always dodge the question reporters keep asking him: Taylor Swift and the Tom Hiddleston dating life. Queried whether he and the Grammy award-winning singer remained in good terms, Hiddleston responded in the affirmative.

Photo Source: Olivier Strecker/Wikimedia Commons

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