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‘The Voice’ 2016 Coaches, Gwen Stefani Return for Season 12; Miley Cyrus Sits Out

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Gwen Stefani is returning to join The Voice 2016 coaches and reunite with fellow coach and boyfriend Blake Shelton in Season 12. Whose seat will she be taking?

After being in NBC’s musical competition during Seasons 7 and 9, Gwen Stefani is confirmed to take the red swivel chair once again on Season 12. She will join fellow The Voice 2016 coaches Adam Levine, newcomer Alicia Keys and boyfriend Blake Shelton. As all four seats are taken, Miley Cyrus will sit out the next season.

Stefani had her hands full because of her This Is What The Truth Feels Like Tour. But even then, she has popped in every now and then in The Voice’s Seasons 8 and 10 as an adviser.

The Used to Love You singer will be reunited with the country singer Shelton whom she started dating after meeting him through the reality singing competition. The two were both fresh from each other’s breakups during the time. Having a lot in common, from inclination to music to failure in relationships, they seemed to find solace in each other.

Since then, their relationship grew stronger as proven by Shelton joining Gwen Stefani on stage in Los Angeles to perform their romantic duet titled Go Ahead and Break My Heart.

On the show’s upcoming seasons, NBC Entertainment’s Alternative and Reality Group President Paul Telegdy says he cannot wait to experience Levine, Keys, Shelton and Stefani’s unique chemistry for the next season that is slated to return on February 2017.

Meanwhile, current coach Miley Cyrus will sit out the next season, but fans can breathe a sigh of relief as her absence in the show is only temporary. Along with the confirmation of The Voice’s renewal next fall, Cyrus is announced to return for Season 13.

Telegdy adds that they are absolutely ecstatic in the singing showdown’s coming seasons. With the Wrecking Ball singer in Season 13, future episodes will continue to feature “unmatched musical know-how” with the roster of musical advisers and coaches’ talents coming together.

As of now, watch Miley Cyrus and the rest of The Voice 2016 coaches during Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

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