World War 3 Russia vs USA Imminent; Vladimir Putin May be Preparing for Nuclear Conflict

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World War 3 Imminent? Putin Allegedly Preparing for a Russia vs USA Scenario

Some people believe that the possibility of a World War 3 seems to be very real in recent times. Well, claims seem to imply that the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, took actions that could lead to said event especially against the USA.

But how true are these reports? Are we really that close to a full-scale international conflict? First, let us take a look at what Putin actually did.

He apparently issued an order for Russian officials abroad to go home to the “Motherland.” He also issued said order to politically-important figures, as well as their relatives.

Some took the gesture to mean a preparation to Russia vs USA scenario, which could eventually lead to World War 3. Sites like Daily Mail have reported and presented the news in such fashion, and the story spread.

However, fact-checking site has posted that the order was taken entirely out of context. They said that sites that spread the story misrepresented an article from Russian website Znak.

They add that the order was in fact not an “order” at all, but more like a formal request.  The original piece in Russian did not cite imminent international conflict as the reason for said request; rather it was more of a local issue. It was a request brought on by the growing trend of Russian elites sending their school to study abroad (most especially in the US) while the “Motherland” itself is vying for power against the USA.

While that in itself is a rather drastic act, they did not consider it a “red flag” that could lead to World War 3. On the other hand, the website admitted that the tensions between Russia and the USA have been at an all-time high. Still, they stand firm that there is no basis to the claim that Putin ordered his officials home because he is “preparing” for global war.

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