5 Ways to Improve Mindfulness: Some Positive Daily Rituals You Can Try

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Renowned naturopathic doctor James Rouse highly recommends cultivating mindfulness and eating with intention.

Are you prone to unnecessary worrying? When your mind leads you believe the worst danger, your heartbeat increases, your chest tightens. There is a fight-or-flight response to the perceived harmful element, attacker, or threat. With mindfulness practices, you can greatly diminish  negative feelings and anxiety arising from false conceptions.

It may sometimes be good not to believe everything you think, but it is important not to lose sight of the important things. You may choose to improve mindfulness. Your body will thank you for it.

When negative feelings, fear of malaise and mediocrity rule your mind, find ways to counteract them.

Here are a few simple steps that can be part of your positive daily rituals to help cultivate mindfulness:

1. Wake up each morning believing that the universe is working for you.

Renowned naturopathic doctor/author/speaker/wellness expert stated this during a recent health forum in Asia. The human mind, he stated, “dictates hormonal harmony.” If you are ill, but made some progress through eating well and supplementing, but you feel like life may be sliding backwards, you can prop yourself up and tell yourself the story of your tenacity.

2. Deep intentional breathing and focusing.

Engaging in mind-calming activities like meditation or yoga opens energy channels while keeping the mind still and revving up the body.

3. Eat with purpose.

Being on fire with purpose begins with healthy eating. As you take the path to more mindful eating, that may come from a shift in mindset, you prep your body for greater performance. It becomes a win-win situation. Focus on anti-inflammation natural food options. Eat tyrosine-rich foods like lean beef and lamb, chicken breast, seeds & nuts. Tyrosine is an amino acid used to build proteins around the body, and raises the levels of dopamine (the chemical for motivation) and norepinephrine. Eating foods that up acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for motivation/attention; and serotonin, which is connected to positivity & balance, is also advisable.

4. Get moving.

Stretching or doing simple lunges in the morning can be invigorating. In a recent interview with fellow actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Thor: Ragnarok actor Tom Hiddleston said he runs outdoors to kickstart his day. Training the body through regular exercise and eating a balanced diet helps people gain hormonal harmony, improve mindfulness, and enhance overall well-being.

5. Ease stress.

One way to ease stress may be to engage in something you really love to do, like painting or writing. Doing so may activate the natural relaxation response of your body. Proper time management and trying single tasking, instead of multi-tasking,  may also lessen a great deal of stress. Trying rituals number 2 and 4 are also effective stress-busters that can improve mindfulness. Easing stress cultivates mindfulness and mindfulness reduces chronic stress.

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